We offer a variety of services to meet your cats’ grooming needs. Typically, cats are dealing with tangles, matted fur, fleas, dandruff, hairballs, sharp/and or ingrown nails, shedding, greasiness, odor, and unsanitary conditions. Owners might be dealing with allergies or angry cats due to the above mentioned issues. No matter the issue, we are here to help.

If you have never had your cat professionally groomed before, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We can’t wait to meet you and your cat(s)!

Bath and Blowout

This is our standard grooming service for both short hair and long hair cats. When done on a regular schedule of every 4-8 weeks you can prevent hairballs, matting, excessive shedding, messy bottoms, and ingrown toenails. It includes:

Price starts at $65.00 for cats who have no matting.

De-shedding Groom

Make your life less hairy! This procedure removes undercoat to reduce shedding. When done a regular 4-8 week schedule this treatment can reduce shedding by up to 80%. This includes all services in the Bath and Blowout plus additional hair removal.

Price starts at $80.00

Comb Cut

Comb Cut This trim resembles a Lion Cut, but leaves the hair longer . This is great for an older cat, or one who does not tolerate a short haircut. Includes everything in the Bath and Blowout groom, plus an all over haircut. This is a great look without having to commit to a really short cut.

Price starts at $85.00

Lion Cut

A Lion Cut is a very short all over body haircut. A mane is left around the neck and the hair below the elbows on the front legs and hock joint on the rear legs. Either a full tail, or a lion tail can be left.

Price starting between $95.00-$115.00, depending on grooming frequency and temperment.

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Add On Services

These fees are based on how severe the problem is and the time it takes to fix it.

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